Bex Schwartz
Creative Director of Awesomeness
writer / director / producer

 television enthusiast

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Creative Director of Awesomeness
Writer/Director/Producer Reel:
What If the Blair Witch Project Were Shot Today -- for Syfy



Why I Love Star Trek: For Syfy

Catmageddon -- Keegan Allen (PLL) with the Freeformers. For Freeform and Truth.

Hack My Life -- Season 2 launch for TruTv.

Holding Hands -- Integrated Spot for Logo / KY

Winter Holidaytimes Short about "Joy"
A Message from Millie on Mars. For Alkemy X.

Sharknado 3 - Benefit Cosmetics (for SYFY)

Investigation Discovery: KitKat (for ID)

Sharknado 3: Jack Links (for SYFY)

Nickelodeon HALO Awards 2015: Loading Dock

Sharknado 3: / Captain Obvious (for SYFY)

Nickelodeon HALO Awards: Dinner DJ

TeenNick Top 10 -- Liger

NickMom: Take Me To Your Mother

TeenNick: Degrassi Season 14 Music Video

VH1 Divas - Adam Lambert Host Spot "Goldilocks"

VH1 Divas - Adam Lambert Host Spot "Throat Coat"

Do Something Awards -- host promo "Award Show Song"

Do Something Awards - host promo "Competition"

Single Ladies Season 2 - Who Wants Ice Cream - VH1

Critics Choice Movie Awards -  "What Could go Wrong?" - VH1

Critics Choice Movie Awards -  "Promises" - VH1

Single Ladies Image Spot for VH1

Dance Central campaign for MTV Games

2011 Critics Choice Movie Awards - Cinema spot

VH1 Divas - Paula Abdul Host Spot

Sloungewear - Sweepstakes Spot

Rock Band DLC - weekly donut spot for MTV Games

Rock Honors: The Who - tease

Scott Baio is 45 ... and Single - Image Spot

I Love New York - Manstack

 The Odd Couple - Hogaduce

Valentines Day on VH1

VH1 Kitties (animated by Joel Veitch)

Gay Penguin Love for Logo (animated by Arnie Levin)
(Penguin noises by Bex Schwartz)

I love the 90s - Image spot

There's No Place Like Celebreality
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